Things to know about bleached knots and unbleached knots

Most of the people use a wig. If you are using a wig, you have to notice certain important things. If you are using a wig for the first time, you have the question that which one is best – bleached knots vs unbleached knots.

The bleached knots and unbleached knots will decide the natural look of the wig. It will also determine how long your wig will get last. Some people get confused about which one is the best suitable. For that, you have to briefly know about the bleached knots and unbleached knots.

What are bleached knots?

Let see the answer for the question – what are bleached knots? The bleached knots are achieved by doing some chemical process in which some hair lightening products are applied. The hair knots shift the color from 2-6 shades. This chemical process alters the hair.

bleached knots

This process will open the cuticle and remove the color from the hair using irreversible chemical reaction. By losing the knots, it will hide the small knots and also create some illusion that the natural hair is growing from the scalp.  The bleached knots help to looks naturally. But the only things are it requires some more time to fix and maintain.

Bleached knots vs unbleached knots

The hand-tied lace front wigs are made by tying individual strains of hairs which gives natural looks and end with a knot at the base. This technique is known as ventilation. In case dark hairs are used for knots, it will appear thick and are noticeable. If you are using lighter hair colored lace wig, you no need any bleached knots because the knots are already invisible.

This is the main usage difference between bleached and unbleached knots. The unbleached knots will helps to reduce hair shedding. In the bleached knots, it appears light but in the unbleached knots, it appears large. The unbleached knot looks unnatural.

Types of knots

  • Single knots:

This is a knot of ventilation technique which is normally used to perform at the hairline, which makes a tiny knot. Some of the lace wigs are made using single knot techniques but the cot is expensive.

  • Double knots:

The double knot wig technique is normally used after the hairline and rest of the wig cap. The double knot technique is more secure and more hair strands use this technique. But the double knots appear large.

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