Simple ways to make your curly hair look longer

If you have curly hair, you have to face the problem of short hair looks. You can feel that your hairbrush your shoulder after washing your hair, but after dry your hair, it gets folds and looks shorter. If you want to short curly hair look longer, you have to use some required tools and methods to make it longer. Try simple ways to lose and relax your hair.

Steps to make curly hair look longer

  • After washing your hair, you have to allow it to dry naturally. Don’t use any dryer.
  • Once your hair gets dry, you have to brush thoroughly with a bristle brush to stretch the curly hair and try to make them straight.
  • You have to wrap 1-inch pieces around a large barrelled curling iron and hold them for more than 15 seconds.  This will helps to make your curly hair looks so relaxed and loose.
  • While wrapping your hair, you have to notice that your hair near the root must be loose and tight only the edge of the hair only.
  • Once you have finished the process of curling all your curled hair, you can see that your hair looks longer.
  • Then you have to apply a quarter-sized dollop of finishing cream or gel using your fingers all over the hair.
  • You have to allow your hair to cool completely and then arrange your hair using your fingers. Make sure you have to pull the ends downwards.
  • This will help to maintain your curly hair looks longer until your hair gets wet. Once you get wet your hair then your hair becomes normal.
  • You can also use the curling iron to make your curled hairs looks soft, relax and longer. If you want to maintain the curled hair looks longer, you have to frequently use the curled iron to relax the hair.

Final thoughts:

These are the simple ways which are used for making curly hair look longer. You can take 2-3 inch of front hair to make curled hair. You can easily make different styles using curled hair. The hairstyle makes a vast difference in your look.

So try different hairstyles using curled iron and make a unique style. The stylish look gives some positive energy and motivates you to work hard. So make yourself beautiful and enjoy your natural look.

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