How to remove grease from your dry hair?

Everyone wants to have shiny, clean and fresh hair. Hair style is very important to have a beautiful look. If you found any hair prone to dryness, you can’t able to wash it off every time. If you are using moisturizing shampoos, it will increase the natural hair oil and make dryness problems.

You have to make your hair looks dry and feel fresh. You can try some home remedies and dry shampoos to dry your hair and also take grease out of hair.

Ways to remove grease

Some of the simple ways are given to get grease out of hair.

  • You can simply brush your hair and shake well; you will get the freshly looked hairs.
  • Then remove the hair accessories like bands, clips, pins, etc and also remove hair ties.
  • Spread the towel out of the floor which helps to easily catch the falling product.
  • Spray tablespoon of dry shampoo, baby powder, cornstarch or oatmeal into the scalp near the root of the hair. You can use any one of the products, not all mixing product.
  • You have to dap at your hair. This helps the powder absorb hair oil and grease.
  • If you are using aerosol, you have to spray at your hair’s root and also spray a light coating.
  • Comb your hair thoroughly to spread the product all over the head.
  • Then flip your head upside down and shake to remove the excess powder.
  • Finally, check your hair to find any grease or oil found in your hair. If you find any grease, then follow the same procedure to clean it.

These are simple ways to get rid of greasy hair.

remove grease from dry hair

Tips to be noted

Normally the dry shampoos won’t work more than three-four days. Then you have to use normal shampoos to clean your hair. There is lots of commercial aerosol dry shampoos are available. You can try any of the products.

Final thoughts:

If you are using any powder to clean your grease, then you have to clean your floor, because it will spread all over the floor and make dust. So clean it well after wash your hairs. There are lots of homemade products are available to easily remove the grease from your dry hair. You can any of those methods and clean your hair grease. Have a clean, shiny and fresh hair.

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